Why it is Hip to Like Grammar

computer-clipart-black-and-white-computer-clip-art-black-and-white-i10Maybe it is just me, but the liking of proper grammar seems to be more popular now than it ever was. We have self-appointed “Grammar Nazis” and “Grammar Police” patrolling the Internet and pointing out mistakes. Sometimes these educational moments are not as polite as one would hope.

Why now?

Simple. This is proof that the Internet is still a content game, not an image one. As we discussed in Images are King, but Content is Queen keywords, tagging, descriptions and titles still rule the world, or at least blogging and social media. Even with the advancement of image-heavy social media outlets, the content is what drives the site, even if behind the scenes.

Do people call one another? No, they text. They instant message. They chat. They use their words. Yes, abbreviations are popular and some messages are just images or emoticons, but in the thick of it all, the words win. Grammar wins. Or those grammar folks are at least giving images and writing mistakes a run for their money.

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Images are King, but Content is Queen

chess-pieces-clipartIn the game of chess the queen is the important figure that drives the game on the board. The same is true for current marketing with content and images. Although recent social media platforms are focusing on images more than content, the content is still queen. Why is that? We will explain:

  1. Instagram: The popular social media platform purchased by Facebook in 2012 allows users the opportunity to post images to their networks. In this situation images are king, right? Wrong. Although they steal the show and are liked or shared because of the importance people place in the images, how are they searched on the site? That’s correct, with the description. Especially when it comes to hashtags (a social media device used for categorizing) people can look specifically for an image. Puppies? You got it. Makeup tutorials? No problem. Art venues in your area? Of course.
  2. Pinterest: This photo-sharing platform actually allows users to create boards where they can categorize their content depending on their own categorical system. By posting these images to their network they can now allow others to share the photos as well. Image heavy again? True, but how are things searched on that site? That’s right, content. Words are the queen of this site as well.
  3. Flickr: We are experiencing a theme here. Flickr allows users to upload, access, organize, edit and share photos from any device, from anywhere in the world. Again, photos and images are king as this is an entire site dedicated to this. But how does one search? How does one concisely explain the image? Words are queen and its usefulness will not go away any time soon.

A background in writing can deeply benefit any social media position and any marketing department. Social media platforms love images, as one image can be worth 1,000 words. However a concise statement, a planned hashtag and a persuasive description can do wonders for search-ability in a world filled with an over-abundance of information.

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Social Media Evangelists are Writers

smartphone10Some may not agree with this statement. Social Media Evangelists are writers. Or at least the good ones should be. The knowledge of new technology or new social media platforms can be learned easily in the moment and over time, however writing can take so much longer to learn. Building a campaign to target a specific audience, promoting a specific product or pitching media to cover a story should be the foundations for a social media team.

Social media is social and media is media. Easy enough to understand, right? Anyone occupying a social media position, whether it is for a large company or the manager of a small business, must understand that the social aspect of it with customers and clients is important. Regardless where we go with technology, the social connection is still a vital connection.

Since social media has been transformed into a marketing tool, the media relations aspect of it requires work and marketing know-how. With a firm foundation of writing, campaigns will be concise, accurate and persuasive. Writing is important, read up on the Importance of Grammar. In a new marketing generation where a business being authentic is valued, using words to properly present a company is vital.

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Attention to Detail in Editing

riLxkrL8TThere are editors for a reason. They check a document or manuscript for errors and improper grammar, but they also help transform something unfinished into something polished. In some circles this may not be as highly regarded, please review The Importance of Grammar and the Attention to Detail in Education. However, for writers, novelists and certain marketing firms, an editor is hugely important.

Consider your favorite novel. Consider your favorite movie. Consider your company’s employment policies. All, in some form or fashion,  were reviewed by an editor. Some may not have the fancy title, but display the proofreading skills.

Why, in this decade, should we hark on the importance of grammar with social media proving less is more? Social media is still very much a verbal game and those with proper grammar are more credible and more authentic. Especially as Social Media Evangelists, the responsibility of representing a company comes with the importance of marketing know-how, therefore the importance of grammar and writing skills.

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Attention to Detail in Education

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In the first blog you may have read the Importance of Grammar in all careers, not just those who depend on grammar specifically. However, what happens if even one of those grammar careers experiences a problem? The issue is that much higher. Here are the details an educational system must focus on in order to put the best foot forward, grammar and otherwise.

  1. Misspellings are Distracting: If I had misspelled any of these words would you be able to read on? Or would the error fester in the back of your mind making it so no information was ever retained? Well, schools should certainly strive for zero typos, because how can you enforce education if one cannot grasp the importance of proofreading?
  2. Duplication is Obnoxious: Duplication is obnoxious. See? If you are creating an education plan and have duplicated reading in two separate sections or have unfortunately included the exact same lesson on two separate pages, the words suddenly lose their meaning. Be concise. It’s important.
  3. Deliver Important Information and Nothing Else: When learning feedback is not only crucial, but mandatory. With a quiz or test, feedback can determine the absorption of appropriate information. Use that time wisely to accurately explain the problem with the answer. Saying the answer is wrong is already unspoken. Please see item number two.

As you can see, no one is exempt from proper grammar, especially an educational system. Did I miss any, or are there specific interactions you would like to share? If so, please comment!

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The Importance of Grammar

dictionary_pictogramWhether in marketing, writing books or even teaching a class, proper grammar is not only appreciated but expected. However, what about the rest of the world? What about the other careers out there? Grammar is not restricted to the aforementioned careers, but should be used by all. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It Lends Credibility: Remembering which “to, two or too” to use may not save lives, but if you are communicating with a new guest, a new client or even a shareholder and happen to use the wrong version of the word, it could paint you in a different light than you would want.
  2. It Shows Attention to Detail: In this day and age details are incredibly important. If you remember a coworker’s birthday you will brighten his or her day. If you remember which section of your web code to place the period, you could save the client and your company a huge headache. If you remember to use proper spelling in your writing, even if just an email or text message, you are proving to everyone details matter.
  3. It Adds Clarity: If a shareholder cannot understand the word choice you used in an email it could mean huge problems. When your readers, even of minor things like interdepartmental communications, can’t understand what you intended to say, you could potentially create a mountain out of a molehill.

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