Social Media Evangelists are Writers

smartphone10Some may not agree with this statement. Social Media Evangelists are writers. Or at least the good ones should be. The knowledge of new technology or new social media platforms can be learned easily in the moment and over time, however writing can take so much longer to learn. Building a campaign to target a specific audience, promoting a specific product or pitching media to cover a story should be the foundations for a social media team.

Social media is social and media is media. Easy enough to understand, right? Anyone occupying a social media position, whether it is for a large company or the manager of a small business, must understand that the social aspect of it with customers and clients is important. Regardless where we go with technology, the social connection is still a vital connection.

Since social media has been transformed into a marketing tool, the media relations aspect of it requires work and marketing know-how. With a firm foundation of writing, campaigns will be concise, accurate and persuasive. Writing is important, read up on the Importance of Grammar. In a new marketing generation where a business being authentic is valued, using words to properly present a company is vital.

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image courtesy of Clip Art Lord.


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