Images are King, but Content is Queen

chess-pieces-clipartIn the game of chess the queen is the important figure that drives the game on the board. The same is true for current marketing with content and images. Although recent social media platforms are focusing on images more than content, the content is still queen. Why is that? We will explain:

  1. Instagram: The popular social media platform purchased by Facebook in 2012 allows users the opportunity to post images to their networks. In this situation images are king, right? Wrong. Although they steal the show and are liked or shared because of the importance people place in the images, how are they searched on the site? That’s correct, with the description. Especially when it comes to hashtags (a social media device used for categorizing) people can look specifically for an image. Puppies? You got it. Makeup tutorials? No problem. Art venues in your area? Of course.
  2. Pinterest: This photo-sharing platform actually allows users to create boards where they can categorize their content depending on their own categorical system. By posting these images to their network they can now allow others to share the photos as well. Image heavy again? True, but how are things searched on that site? That’s right, content. Words are the queen of this site as well.
  3. Flickr: We are experiencing a theme here. Flickr allows users to upload, access, organize, edit and share photos from any device, from anywhere in the world. Again, photos and images are king as this is an entire site dedicated to this. But how does one search? How does one concisely explain the image? Words are queen and its usefulness will not go away any time soon.

A background in writing can deeply benefit any social media position and any marketing department. Social media platforms love images, as one image can be worth 1,000 words. However a concise statement, a planned hashtag and a persuasive description can do wonders for search-ability in a world filled with an over-abundance of information.

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Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.



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