Attention to Detail in Editing

riLxkrL8TThere are editors for a reason. They check a document or manuscript for errors and improper grammar, but they also help transform something unfinished into something polished. In some circles this may not be as highly regarded, please review The Importance of Grammar and the Attention to Detail in Education. However, for writers, novelists and certain marketing firms, an editor is hugely important.

Consider your favorite novel. Consider your favorite movie. Consider your company’s employment policies. All, in some form or fashion,  were reviewed by an editor. Some may not have the fancy title, but display the proofreading skills.

Why, in this decade, should we hark on the importance of grammar with social media proving less is more? Social media is still very much a verbal game and those with proper grammar are more credible and more authentic. Especially as Social Media Evangelists, the responsibility of representing a company comes with the importance of marketing know-how, therefore the importance of grammar and writing skills.

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Image provided by Cliparts.


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