Attention to Detail in Education

Provided by All Things Clip Art.

In the first blog you may have read the Importance of Grammar in all careers, not just those who depend on grammar specifically. However, what happens if even one of those grammar careers experiences a problem? The issue is that much higher. Here are the details an educational system must focus on in order to put the best foot forward, grammar and otherwise.

  1. Misspellings are Distracting: If I had misspelled any of these words would you be able to read on? Or would the error fester in the back of your mind making it so no information was ever retained? Well, schools should certainly strive for zero typos, because how can you enforce education if one cannot grasp the importance of proofreading?
  2. Duplication is Obnoxious: Duplication is obnoxious. See? If you are creating an education plan and have duplicated reading in two separate sections or have unfortunately included the exact same lesson on two separate pages, the words suddenly lose their meaning. Be concise. It’s important.
  3. Deliver Important Information and Nothing Else: When learning feedback is not only crucial, but mandatory. With a quiz or test, feedback can determine the absorption of appropriate information. Use that time wisely to accurately explain the problem with the answer. Saying the answer is wrong is already unspoken. Please see item number two.

As you can see, no one is exempt from proper grammar, especially an educational system. Did I miss any, or are there specific interactions you would like to share? If so, please comment!

Image provided by All Things Clip Art.



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